Saturday, April 11, 2009

lies anyone?

What is the basis of a white lie? Is it really so bad?
I know that lying is basically bad, but is there ever a situation where hiding the truth or lying is acceptable?Whenever you do the right thing for some weird reason it always blows up in your face, sometimes it's so tempting to just lie about it and just get away with so many things or cause no damage whatsoever.
I mean really think about it, in certain situations when you hide or lie about something to not cause pain then you're doing a good thing. More like a the end justifies the means sort of thing you know. But when is it ever really right to just lie or hide something?If you have the answer to this question please let me know. I'm finding it very hard to answer this.


  1. did u seriously want a serious answer to this?

  2. ok here's one: "dude, there's no correct answer to this question!"